Steve and Teri were married at the Chippewa United Methodist Church. That weekend was one of my last living in Beaver County, so it was nice to photograph one close to home for a change!  Brady’s Run is one of my favorite places to photograph, and on this day in particular the sunlight filtered perfectly through the trees during their photo session. It was one of the first days it really felt like summer was coming, so we took our time and enjoyed the beautiful weather. I love that Steve and Teri budgeted a lot of time for photos – even more than the hour I usually ask for. Both Steve and Teri, and their entire wedding party were so much fun to work with, so having that extra time was wonderful!

Their reception was at the Beaver Valley Golf Club – a first for me, amazingly enough. For the last four years, almost every weekend during the summer, I traveled to Pittsburgh to shoot at every venue imaginable, when there’s a beautiful one five minutes from my house that I’d never been to. On a side note – now that I’m Pittsburgh, I’m very happy that all of those amazing venues I’ve been shooting at are within minutes of where I live! So excited to shave off two hours of driving time every Saturday!

Here’s a few of my favorites from Steve and Teri’s wedding day: